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Agricultural mechanical sprayer is a farming and landscaping equipment used to spray manure over plants, fields, climbers, and shrubs. By utilizing these mechanical sprayers, crop productivity gets improved to a large extent. It is a sturdy machine that can sustain even in harsh working conditions. The main function of Victor mechanicalsprayer is to break the liquid into droplets of effective size and distribute them uniformly over the surface or space to be protected. Another function is to regulate the amount of insecticide to avoid an excessive application that might prove harmful or wasteful. They are ideal to spray insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc to protect the farm from pest attacks.

Have a look at the features of Power Sprayer pump:

  • Embossed Crank Case
  • Brass Head Parts
  • Uniform &High volume spraying capacity
  • Heavy Crank Case
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perform multiple operations
  • Robust Construction
  • Long Life
  • Cost-effective
  • Ready stock available of pumps and spare parts and after sales services throughout the country.
  • Beautiful colour Box.

Power Sprayer Pump

Victor Sprayer or Power sprayer is used for spraying pesticides and chemicals on crops, vegetables, fruits, flowering, tea and coffee plantation, etc. With changing time, farmers are using modern technology and automatic farming equipment to increase productivity. The sprayers are available in various sizes, designs, and performance specifications. With multiple applications, these are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, forestry, and gardens. 

Scope of use of Knapsacks Mechanical Sprayer:-

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Sericulture
  • Garden care
  • Landscaping
  • Plantation

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