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Chainsaw Machine

Chainsaw is professional equipment used for cutting woods or trees& proven as one of the most useful tools in the forestry and logging industry. Election of power equipment always comes with a question? Electric vs Petrol variant. One should select on basis of daily use i.e. to be used on a daily basis or occasionally. Chainsaw machine come in every size, power level, and range of portability. Victor Chainsaw is a professional chainsaw. We have used advanced anti-vibration system to keep working comfortably for longer time use during working time a logging, thinning and large wood cutting. It is fuel-efficient, powerful engine, smooth working, easy operation, labour cost saving & low maintenance cutting equipment.

Victor Chainsaw comes in many variants. We are discussing two of them electric and Petrol Chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaw

Most Electric Chainsaw come in bar lengths from 12-20 inches that is used in clearing branches or other small pieces of wood from construction sites. It gives enough power to cut small branches and prune trees.

Electric Chainsaw comes in two variants: Corded and Battery operated. Corded electric chainsaw offer less portability while battery operated chainsaw is more portable. These are light in weight, so they can be maintained easily. These chainsaws produce less noise that makes you comfortable while working&comes with pull-cord starts.

Petrol Chainsaw

A commercial quality petrol chainsaw is mostly larger than 20 inches and comes with more power. The amount of power depends upon its engine size. It is used for larger projects as cutting firewood and clearing thicker trees. Petrol chainsaws are portable and come with longest run times. These are heavy and hence less portable so mostly used for large fields. It requires quite more time to maintain and clean to keep the chain clean and sharp.

How to Choose Right Chainsaw for your profession

To choose a right tree cutting machine suitable to your work in personal garden or workplace, consider some important points before selection:


Most important element in chainsaw is cutting blade and its length. You’ll find both petrol and electric chainsaws in different bar lengths depending on the size of the wood you plan to cut. 


An electric chainsaw is powerful used for prune trees and cut small branches while petrol chainsaw is more powerful than electric one with heavy engines.

Portability and weight

An electric chainsaw comes with chord so it is less portable while petrol chainsaw is more easily portable.

Have a look at the features of Chainsaw Machine:

  • Fuel-efficient engine technology
  • Easy Start Engine &Powerful Engine
  • The advanced anti-vibration system & easy operation
  • Ergonomic designed
  • High quality material
  • Cost efficient.
  • Comfortable in longer time use

Scope of use of Chainsaw Machine:-

  • Logging
  • Thinning
  • Large Wood Cutting

3 Safety Tips for Operating Chainsaws

  • Understand all safety features of saw
  • Protect yourself before using a chainsaw as use hand gloves, safety boots etc.
  • Perform a start-up inspection of chain lubrication, brake

Different type of chainsaws has diverse uses with chopping and cutting wood as most obvious use. Chopping firewood, turn logs into smaller pieces to be used in wooden things are another uses of Chainsaw. Before buying a chainsaw, must check optimum use at your end to choose a right one. Proper maintenance of chainsaw can lead to improved efficiency and long-term use of the agricultural equipment.

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