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Brush Cutter Machine

A Brush Cutter is a useful agricultural equipment for any home gardener & farmer, as it is very effective for cutting back tall grass, unwanted tree saplings, and overgrown shrubs. People who love gardening tools apparatus to get the garden pruned and cleaned. Choosing the right one for the gardening need will help in reducing the time spent on cutting back your garden. It is an ideal choice for use on fence rows, planted beds, lawn edges & hedges and can be used all year round and in any climate. Also, this tool can be used to take down stemmed weeds. It is one of the most important & single multipurpose agricultural equipment. This gadget is very useful to all farmers for its intelligent operations.

Victor Brush Cutter is suitable for cutting weeds. It is useful for farmers for its versatile features of durability, powerful engine, smooth working, easy operation, minimum labour cost & low maintenance cutting equipment.

It has a straight shaft, and a rotating cutting blade indicates what material of garden it is best suited to cutting. The brush cutter machine can be operated with different blades or trimmer heads for various tasks. For thick woody material & stems, metal plated blades are perfect, whereas for cutting back grasses, the plastic blades are best.


  • Powerful Engine with high torque.
  • For comfortable use & efficiency, make sure the harness spreads the load.
  • Handlebars should be foldable for storage & transportation.
  • Lightweight, to be used easily for long hours.
  • Anti vibration design for smooth & easy operation.
  • High quality material e.g. Provided with a strong straight shaft and a heavy duty gear box.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Engine design includes a full crank shaft with double ball bearing support and extra heavy cylinder.
  • The engines have emission controls, for the benefit of your working environment and also the environment as a whole.
  • Ready stock available of pumps and spare parts and after sales services throughout the country.
  • Beautiful colour Box.
  • Balancing size and power that ensures that the selected device is powerful enough to handle the desired task.

Tips to Operate Agricultural Brush Cutter Efficiently

Start the tool in open space to avoid damages. The brush cutter have blades that rotate at a high speed and can cause twigs and stones to fly out and possibly cause injuries and damage. It is advisable to avoid this danger by operating it attentively and keep it away from people or items which can be damaged. Clean blades after every use, regular maintenance can lead to heavy duty cutting. Place the equipment in upward position for long durability.

Scope of use of Brush Cutter Machine

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Sericulture
  • Garden care
  • Landscaping
  • Plantation

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