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We offer different models of Knapsacks Mechanical Sprayer also known as Knapsacks Power Sprayer, which are designed in sync with the industrial standards. These sprayers are eminently used for garden spraying weed, pest control, liquid fertilizing, and plant leaf polishing. Knapsack Mechanical Sprayer are used to spray a liquid with attached handheld nozzles &connected to pressure reservoirs on the back of operators. The handle of the pump extending over the shoulder or arm makes it possible to pump with a single hand and spray with the other. The primary use of this kind of power sprayer is to dispense fungicides, insecticides & herbicides in liquid form. Farmers like this agricultural equipment due to uniform pressure by keeping the pump in continuous operation. 

The liquid from the tank passes through a tube to the nozzle on the spray lance by gravity. Provided with an on-off control switch and uniform discharge mechanism, the Knapsacks Mechanical Sprayer (Knapsack Power Sprayer) is easy to operate and maintain. The motorized sprayer enables the farmer to apply chemicals with relative ease in the affected area. The application is suitable for agricultural field crops as paddy, wheat & vegetables. 

Have a look at the features of Knapsacks Power Sprayer:

  • Durable & Sturdy Structure
  • Supplied with brass metal pump.
  • Strong Tank 
  • Long tank filter.
  • Heavy duty 3 ft. Long brass spray gun & straight rod 60cm.
  • 3 nozzle spray lance supplied with sprayer. 
  • Uniform high pressure&High volume spraying capacity
  • Beautiful colour Box.
  • Heavy duty easy recoil starter assembly. 
  • Supplied with auto agitation system. 
  • Economic for spraying costly pesticides. 
  • Ready stock available of pumps and spare parts and after sales services throughout the country.
  • Easy to carry & compact construction

Scope of use of Knapsacks Mechanical Sprayer:-

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Sericulture
  • Garden care
  • Landscaping
  • Plantation

We have marked a distinct position in the domain by supplying a broad array of heavy-duty Knapsacks mechanical sprayer available in different specifications and excellent quality. 

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