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High Pressure Car Washer

Chandak Agro Equipments Pvt Ltd offers powerful and high-pressure Domestic Car Washers specially designed for two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. Advanced technology keeps it working efficient for a longer time. These are renowned in the market for a satisfactory, excellent results. It is loaded with auto on, off and thermal protection features. It is powerful, smooth working, easily operational, cost-effective and low maintenance equipment. Specialized high-pressure Domestic Washers are best suitable for cleaning vehicles. These machines are specially designed for auto detailing and increase efficiency highly. High-pressure for car washing spray a stream of water with force to eradicate dirt and other particles stuck on the exteriors or interior of your car, two-wheeler which are subject to harsh weather conditions and other elements.

Car Washer is the best equipment to remove dirt from your car and bring out a new shiny look as previous. It is a high-pressure machine which runs on principle of water spray with maximum pressure through its nozzle. The distance between the nozzle and surface can be adjusted to get the best results. It removes dust, mud, paint, mold, grime, etc from the surface of a car. We offer the best quality car washer on reasonable price.

Car Pressure Washer

Cleaning string and tough debris and dirt become easier with selection of right technology. Powerful, smart pressure washers are demand of time. For reliable domestic washers to be used in home, lawn, or garden, you can trust us. Get high quality, space saving build, quick connect system of high pressure washers which are perfectly tuned for individual requirements.

Types of Car Washer Machine

  • High-Pressure Car Washers

    - High-pressure car washers are powerful cleaning machines that use high-pressure water to remove tough dirt and grime from vehicles. They are commonly used in professional car wash facilities and by car enthusiasts for effective and thorough cleaning. The forceful water stream ensures a sparkling and refreshed look for your car.
  • Portable Car Washers

    - Portable car washers are compact and convenient cleaning devices designed for on-the-go car cleaning. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and ideal for washing vehicles at home, on the road, or in areas without access to traditional car wash facilities. Despite their small size, they deliver sufficient water pressure for effective cleaning results.
  • Automatic Car Washers

    - Automatic car washers offer a hands-free and time-saving solution for vehicle cleaning. Found in car wash stations and gas stations, they automate the cleaning process using water jets, brushes, and cleaning solutions. The quick and efficient system ensures a thoroughly cleaned car without the need for manual labour, providing convenience to car owners.

Features of High Pressure Car Washer

  • Auto on Off
  • Powerful Motor
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • High-intensity car washing machine
  • Cost efficient

Scope of Use of Car Washer

  • Car, Bike
  • Driveways, parking lot or garage floor
  • Concrete or Tile patio
  • Front entrance stair and walkway
  • Other outside maintenance cleaning activities

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